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France 24

by youssef.helally, March 26, 2015

Young Syrian comedians take aim at Islamic State group

The jihadist emir is busy smoking, drinking and sending ‘selfies’ on WhatsApp, but when a young recruit stops by, the emir quickly takes on the persona of a man of virtue. Strapping a belt packed with explosives around the young man’s waist, the emir promises him trouble-free entry to paradise. “We’ll meet again!” he exclaims before sending him off. For some young Syrians living in Turkey, comedy sketches like this are a way to use humour to fight back against the Islamic State group’s reign of barbaric terror and hypocrisy

Post written by France 24 journalist Dorothée Myriam KELLOU (@Dorakellou).

Issued on: 25/03/2015 – 13:05Modified: 26/03/2015 – 14:38

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