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Higgledy Piggledy

ضايعة الطاسة

Higgledy Piggledy is a media production seeking to provide an alternative source of information unlike all other media groups it focuses on the clips and video production to continue defending Syrian Human Rights. Higgledy Piggledy founded in 2013 and since then the group was able produce many videos that aired on many arabic and global channels.     

ISIS series

United Pixels made eight episodes of ISIS series and three sketches in order to shed the light on the ISIS acts with a comic and tragic frame in an attempt to uncover the reality of them and in light young people about ISIS reality to prevent their enrollment in their lines and spread awareness for whom is recruited in ISIS that Syrians know the facts and they are welcoming whomever decided to leave ISIS. The 8 Episodes of ISIS supported by ARC was published on WSJ, The Guardian, National Geographic France 24, Yle, TV2, Orient, Al Arabiya, Al-Aan, Aleppo today and Others.

Children of conspiracy

This series is dedicated to children in a goal of to show the reality of Syrian children and that they either lost their future or did not have a simple child life. And how much they suffered from mixing their lives with politics war and war conditions itself. And how they replaced cartoon films with horror news about nearby area or which friend they lost, to tell the world that the children of Syria life has become playing with bombs and destruction instead of toys selling things to provide living instead of study, and even their dream about their future that transfer to just stay alive. The series is formed from spontaneous interviews with students in sub schools and streets to spotlight the innocence of children and what they have learned during their live in the time of war in Syria. Was published on Orient TV.

With Or Against

Cynical political program keep pace with the reality of the current Syrian Revolution, takes a humorous and political ideas vague and shed light on the news situation Syrian quo but a comic style, 12 episodes include several ideas against extremism and terrorism, and to show the similarities and cooperation between the Syrian regime and the Islamic state. The program got a big positive response from followers in the Syrian home and everyone waiting for the next series.

Contribute in helping Syrians to understand their rights and duties under war inside and outside Syria by awareness campaigns, social media, and Tv reports.

In addition to spread awareness to Syrian people in particular and people around the global about the concept of democracy and intellectual freedom that Syrian people seeking for and aware them about Syrian revolution plus let the people avoid extremism, The extremism and the Syrian regime are two faces of one coin, by criticized their abuses and atrocities, we let the people discover the reality of terrorists. 

Also shed the light on Syrian children and women which had been affected by the war and how they are trying to defend their rights in their land, and their role in defending human rights in general.

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